Who Is This?

I like: Muppets (especially Animal), hot tea, Mogambo, hardcover books, dermatologist recommended skin care products, my mom’s accent, cotton candy, popcorn, s’mores, carmex, eyeliner, good music, greek yogurt, orange sparkling water, the letter R, smiling faces, whales, Honda Accords, shopping in bulk at Costco, people who are genuine, the smell of lavender, candles scented like sweet foods, good hugs, catching up with old friends, talking to myself when I’m home alone, making funny faces in the mirror – at least five different faces every day, cherry blossoms, compliments and hot coffee with lots of creamer.

I dislike: pushing shopping carts, insects, 10 percent discounts (so deceptive!), people who are not open to hearing different points of view, IPAs, mean customer service people, things that smell bad (except for cheeses), people who don’t respect the planet, waking up before the sun rises, people who don’t respect the people around them and cooked carrots.